APTBIO offers Data-Independent Acquisition (DIA) methods, a novel full-scan tech, for the identification and quantification of proteins in different kinds of samples.

In mass spectrometry, data-independent acquisition (DIA) is a method of molecular structure determination in which all ions within a selected m/z range are fragmented and analyzed in a second stage of tandem mass spectrometry. Tandem mass spectra are acquired either by fragmenting all ions that enter the mass spectrometer at a given time (called broadband DIA) or by sequentially isolating and fragmenting ranges of m/z. DIA is an alternative to data-dependent acquisition where a fixed number of precursor ions are selected and analyzed by tandem mass spectrometry.


Bioinformatics analysis:

1) Protein GO analysis

2) Protein KEGG analysis

3) Differentially expressed proteins GO enrichment analysis

4) Differentially expressed proteins KEGG enrichment analysis

5) Differentially expressed proteins cluster analysis

6) Differentially expressed proteins PPI analysis

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